Just released! D2.1 – Data processing, Data Management Plan and GDPR compliance report is now available at Zenodo

Deliverable D2.1 is officially out!

Monitoring data protection compliance for an initiative like GenoMed4All can only be successful if there is a swift understanding of compliance across all partners and a clear concordance. To that end, the need for a reliable and consistent approach to understand data flows, sources, recipients and roles with regards overall responsibility (including Data Controllers, Processors and Custodians) is clear. The consortium has therefore agreed that using a rigorous Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Template is key to help map out not only data flows, but also responsibilities and the prerequisites for ensuring data processing is lawful.

Click here to browse the report at Zenodo.

Just released! D8.1 - Genomics Data Standardization Plan is now available at Zenodo

Our second public deliverable has been uploaded to Zenodo!

Click here to see the outline of GenoMed4All's Standardization Plan. In this deliverable, you will find:

  • The minimum set of recommended standards for the analysis and sharing of genomics datasets for haematology and oncology within our project.
  • Guidelines to share phenotypic and other metadata collected from different clinical partners.
  • A brief description of data harmonization and sharing using GA4GH phenopackets and FHIR standards.
  • An evaluation of the optimal exchange format for genomics data and how to adapt and calibrate standardized data on local sites according to the assessment of clinical datasets and the genomics interface.



Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash


Just released! D9.1 - Impact Master Plan is now available at Zenodo

Our Impact Master Plan is already up at Zenodo and publicly accessible!

Check it out here to learn more about our vision for GenoMed4All's Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation strategies moving forward.



Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash