This month has been a busy one! Early in May, GenoMed4All participated in the IUBMB Focused Meeting – Hemoglobin Switching Conference, a reference event for scientific exchange and dialogue on globin gene regulation and pathophysiology.

The Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) team proudly presented a poster showcasing the work done so far, titled: “GenoMed4All: Artificial Intelligence-based Deep Learning algorithms for patients with Sickle Cell Disease“. Our colleague Petros Kountouris -from The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics– was there on behalf of the project and reports that there was a lot of interest from the participants in these specific results.

Congratulations to everyone involved! You can check out the poster here at our Zenodo repository.

Authors: A.Idrizovic, S. van der Veen, M. D. M. Mañú-Pereira, A. Collado Gimbert, R. Colombatti, M. P. Boaro, P. Bartolucci, M. de Montalembert, M.H. Cnossen, B.J. Biemond, M. Kleanthous, E.J. van Beers, P. Kountouris