Genomics For Next Generation Healthcare


Our Mission

GenoMed4All is the European initiative to transform the response to Haematological Diseases by seizing the power of Artificial Intelligence

The project represents a quantum leap in advanced personalised medicine, pooling genomic/ '-omics' health data through a secure and trustworthy Federated Learning platform. Our disruptive AI models, scaled up by High-Performance Computing, will boost the processing capacity of data repositories from 10 clinical sites across Europe, empowering forward-thinking research of common and rare Haematological Diseases.


Our Challenges

Most haematological diseases have a genetic background

There are up to 450 variants (both oncological and non-oncological), resulting from abnormalities in blood cells, lymphoid organs and coagulation factors

They representa growingpublic health challenge

Haematological malignancies account for 5% of cancers, most can cause chronic health problems and many are life-threatening conditions

EU repositories on genomic and clinical data are unconnected

The number of available samples for haematological disorders remains small and there are currently no centralized big data repositories


Who is behind it?

Funded by the European Union, this initiative embodies the pan-European collaboration of 23 partners from the whole value chain, including healthcare professionals, regulatory and ethics research, academia, disruptive tech and digital service provision. GenoMed4All features ten partners from EuroBloodNet, the European Reference Network (ERN) in Rare Hematological Diseases (RHD).


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