DateMARCH 16, 2022CategoryEVENTS

GenoMed4All is going to Expo Dubai!

The EU AI Week@EXPO Dubai will take place during the week of 14-18 March 2022 to showcase European Excellence and Trust in Artificial Intelligence around the world. In the frame of this high-level event, –the International Outreach on human-centric AI– is hosting a series of events on the European approach to AI. One of these events is the Expert Workshop on AI for Health. It will present European projects that are currently working on AI solutions and applications in the healthcare sector. GenoMed4All has been invited as one of the panelists, together with our colleagues from 2 other EU-funded projects: DIH-HERO and EuCanImage.

About the Expert Workshop on AI for Health

This workshop aims to display practical examples of European AI excellence in the healthcare sector and discuss with international experts the practical implications of AI in healthcare, including how to ensure that these technologies are developed with adequate consideration for their social and ethical aspects. The EU is among the global leaders in the use of AI in healthcare, and its priority is to put human beings at the centre. International collaboration can maximise the potential benefits of AI in healthcare while minimising its potential risks. It can amplify the efficiency and value of responses and secure their sustainability. For example, exchanging health data across borders can help combat pandemics and other diseases, but it has to be done in a way that complies with data protection legislation, guarantees privacy and follows well-considered data governance arrangements.