Study overview

Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) typically occur in elderly people. Current disese classifcation system and prognostic scores (International Prognostic Scoring System, IPSS) present limitations and in most cases fail to capture reliable prognostic information at individual level. Study of MDS has been rapidly transformed by genome characterization and there is increasing evidence that mutation screening may add significant information to currently available prognostic scores. The project will aim to develop artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions to improve MDS classification and prognostication, through the implementation of a personalized medicine approach. In close collaboration with the European Reference Network on Rare Hematological Diseases (ERN-EuroBloodNet, FPA 739541), GENOMED4ALL involves multiple clinical partners from the network, while leveraging on healthcare information and repositories that will be gathered incorporating interoperability standards as promoted by ERN-EuroBloodNet central registry, the European Rare Blood Disorders Platform (ENROL, GA 947670).